The Mosqueing of Public Schools in America

By Pamela Geller

I have been fielding calls from distraught parents all week, reeling from the proselytizing for Islam in their children’s “social studies” or “world history” classes. They are not teaching the children “world history,” which would include Islam’s 1,400-year history of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements, not to mention the extermination of the entire Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe of Arabia.

Instead, children are forced to recite the Shahada. (It’s an Islamic creed one says to convert to Islam.) Instead, they are forced to learn the five pillars of Islam.

This is an outrage, but expected and exactly what I warned of in my book, “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” in the chapter, “The Mosqueing of the Public Schools.”

One mother with whom I spoke told me that her 12-year-old son came home from school “depressed” and “sick.” Coming from a “good Christian home,” he was confused and “hurt” that he had to write and say the Muslim declaration of faith (the Shahada), and write it repeatedly. The mother was beside herself.

When Muslims force Christians to convert, they are forced to say the Shahada (the Muslim declaration of faith). The Arabic writing on the black flag of jihad (also known as the al-Qaida flag or ISIS flag) is the Shahada. This chant of supremacism and imperialism is being forced on American school kids.

Another mom told me that one of her son’s friends, who was raised as an atheist, said after these lessons that she began to think differently. So now the schools are converting children to Islam.

Here is what happened to one family. The mother writes:

I want to share my story with you and I hope that I can be a shining light of hope. About a month ago my daughter asked for my help with her homework. She is in 7th grade and usually does not ask me for help. She gave me her vocabulary words for social studies and simply asked me to type it for her. I started typing the first few words, and then I came to Quran, Mosque, Alms, Caliph, Jihad, Sunnis, Shiites. I instantly became alarmed and asked to see her social studies book. My husband and I spent the next 3 hours reading through her book and I have to tell you that my life changed on that day.

I kept my daughter home from school for the next two days and met with the principal. I attended my daughter’s class when she went back to school. Her assignments continued; draw detailed pictures of the 5 pillars of Islam and write a word collage of all that is good with Islam. We met with the teacher and principal together and questioned the curriculum.

We received the party-line responses of “state standards” and “Common Core” for every question we had. I was concerned with the nature of the material that was being taught in the classroom, and whether it was being presented in a truthful manner and that all aspects were told. This was not happening. Simply from viewing the table of contents, one can see that Islam is the dominant religious focus throughout the book. I was amazed upon further review of the book how they were able to slip Muslims into China, and how Spain is only referred to as Muslim Spain. The chapter on West African Civilization contains “The Growth of Islam in West Africa.” The teacher explained to me that they had discussed Christianity in the first two chapters, but when I reviewed them personally, I found that Jesus was mentioned once as a Jewish prophet in the first chapter and the second chapter briefly discussed the division within the Christian Church. Chapter 3 is dedicated completely to Islam and the story of Muhammad, with multiple quotes from the Quran throughout the chapter. The book even goes on to say, “Muhammad revealed the purest version of God’s truth” and that Muhammad is the final prophet of God’s truth with the most complete version of that truth.

As I mentioned, my life changed that day. That was Oct. 6, 2014. I began writing letters to the ACLU, all of my state and U.S. legislators, journalists, anyone who would listen to me. I contacted our school board, and I started daily postings on Facebook about what was happening. Through Facebook, I connected with a local parent who in turn connected me to a trustee on our school board. I met with that trustee last night. He is appointing me to our Material Review Committee for our school district, which oversees 50,000 students. He is also putting the book in question, Prentice Hall’s “Medieval and Early Modern Times,” published by Pearson Publishing, on the agenda to be reviewed.

Through my daily research I came to the Center for Public Education’s website at and found the following statement: “The Constitution uses 16 words – known as the ‘religion clauses’ – to create rules about how faith and government interact. One clause gives citizens the right to freely exercise religious convictions; the other prohibits government (including taxpayer-funded public schools) from establishing religion, meaning granting favorable treatment.”

I believe that the book in my daughter’s classroom is in direct violation to this clause as described above, and thus violates our First Amendment rights. This is the argument that I have presented to the ACLU; however, I have not had a response from them to date.

No surprise there.

The book in question was adopted to our district in 2007. They only keep books for about 7 years, so the timing will be perfect to have it removed. I am now on the Material Review Committee and will have a direct influence on the next book that is chosen to replace it.

Beyond having this book removed from my children’s school district, I hope to have this book removed from the California Department of Education’s list of approved materials. I will then seek to remove any other books of this biased nature from our school system in California and across the nation. By biased, I specifically mean that this book provides favorable treatment to the Islamic faith and does not provide the same treatment to Christianity or Judaism.

Over the last few weeks I have learned that this is a national issue of indoctrination of our children, and I want to be able to shed light on this issue nationally and locally. We need to:

  1. Become aware and change the narrative in our schools
  2. Become involved in our children’s education and understand exactly what is being taught to them and why.
  3. Question curriculum when we feel that it is not presented in an unbiased manner.

I am just one parent in one school district in America, but if we each begin to stand up in our communities and take action to be the agents of change, we will be able to make a collective difference in our country.

I am in the process of developing a web page at, and I have created a Facebook page under Parents United for America. I am hoping that we can connect and work toward the change we wish to see. Please join me, and together we will be the shining hope of light that America needs to restore our values and our beliefs in our education system.

This will be a long, hard battle. In the news this week was a Marine veteran who complained about his daughter being forced to learn about Islam. The school responded by banning him from school grounds.

This Marine, Kevin Wood, fought and risked his life for this country, and these left-wing tools ban him from school grounds while proselytizing for Islam (dawah)? The parents and the students should protest this school until the official responsible for this outrage is removed from office.

Wood is hardly the first to protest this egregious submission to the most vicious and brutal ideology on the face of the earth. Parents are fighting back as the schools seem to have forgotten who they are working for and what country they are in. This isn’t Iran or Saudi Arabia.

In Volusia County, Florida, hundreds protested Islamic lessons in their “World History” text, a Common Core-approved high-school history textbook.

With an entire chapter dedicated to the virtues of Islam, and not a single chapter for Christianity, the textbook has Floridians in a frenzy. And who is the biggest pusher of Common Core besides leftist progressives? The Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, along with the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). In Florida, Hamas-CAIR is on the offensive. (More here.)

And last week I published at my website, PamelaGeller.coma report on a Massachusetts public school teaching the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith. (“There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”)

The Massachusetts public school textbook also celebrates Muhammad’s life. It most certainly does not celebrate Jesus’ life. The Daily Caller reported that “the school district superintendent has since penned a letter to parents assuring them that the congratulatory statements about Islam are merely part of the district’s history curriculum.”

“Congratulatory statements about Islam” are history? A full 1,400 years of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements is Islamic history. Approximately 270 million victims of Islamic jihad is history.

This is in Massachusetts – home of the Boston Marathon jihad bombing.

But this is not just a Massachusetts’ problem. It’s a national problem.

We have seen the increasing Islamization of public-school curricula. History lessons in Islam are dawah – proselytizing for Islam. The Saudis have bought large public school publishers. Islamic supremacists have hijacked the Department of Education, the Gates Foundation, Pearson and other textbook publishing companies and the testing companies. They have also hijacked our public-school curricula and textbooks (i.e., Common Core).

Enough is enough. It’s time we fought back and reclaimed our schools.

16 thoughts on “The Mosqueing of Public Schools in America

  1. Yes, Islam is scary. I’m not here to preach about how wonderful or evil it is. What should be taught in school is history. My Civilizations class had a really great text about it. It gave information about Islam, it’s history and it briefly stated about the beliefs. It does the same for each and every other religion out there associated with the human race. If you want your children to know about the evils of one religion, then you must also be prepared to teach them about the dark side of your own faith.

    • Yes, but that is a pretty simplistic response. Yes, some people have committed atrocious acts of violence in the name of Christianity. But to quote Paul Fregosi, author of “Jihad in the West”, he says, “Muslims who kill are following the commands of Muhammad, but Christians who kill—and there are many—are ignoring the words of Christ. Therein perhaps lies one of the basic philosophical differences between Islam and Christianity.”

      The ‘Dark side of Christianity, to use your words, represents those who acted contrary to the teaching of Christ. But the Dark Side of Islam represents those who act, and continue to do so today, in full accordance with the teaching of Muhammad and the example he set for Muslims to follow.

      Your attempt at relativism fails.

    • Don Phillips
      Balderdash. Take a college course in seminary or college investigating world religions history and influence good or bad.

  2. Yes, Islam is scary. I’m not here to preach about how wonderful or evil it is. What should be taught in school is history. My Civilizations class had a really great text about it. It gave information about Islam, it’s history and it briefly stated about the beliefs. It does the same for each and every other religion out there associated with the human race. If you want your children to know about the evils of one religion, then you must also be prepared to teach them about the dark side of your own faith.

  3. Religion has no place in public schools and in any other general education place funded by the taxpayer. Members of the staff of any such place should be prohibited from engaging in any religious discussion or conversation with the students. Religion is a divisionary subject best left to the parents to discuss with their children. Specially so during these times. The funding fathers (of my adopted land) knew this and made provisions in our constitution.

  4. Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not teach people to kill as the comment above was made. This implies the committing of murder which is a punishable offence so it’s illogical. Muhammad (peace be upon him) asked Muslims to fight against oppression as does God, that is a different thing. We are all allowed to defend ourselves against those who attack us. Allah says fight those who fight you. If children are not taught Islam in school they will simply find the info on the Internet, so nothing is achieved. My concern about teaching of Islam in the US is that an inaccurate version of it may be taught.

    • Aziz, I have to disagree with you strongly and wonder if you are either ignorant of many aspects of the life of Muhammad, are simply defending him against what you may perceive as slander, or are engaging in deception. But regardless, you are mistaken.

      First, you say “We are allowed to defend ourselves against those who attack us.” But what does it mean to attack? In the West, the idea is generally associated with physical confrontation; if others attack Muslims physically, they are allowed to defend themselves. This is perfectly reasonable. But that is not what the phrase means according to authoritative Islamic scholars. Several ahadith quote Muhammad as saying “I am commanded to fight with men till they testify that there is no god but Allah; when they do that they will keep their life and their property safe from me.” This has nothing to do with defending against attack. Then, a verse commonly used by Muslims to defend Islam says “The recompense of those who wage war against Allâh and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.” (Sura 5:33) But then what does it mean to wage war against Allah and his messenger? Ibn Kathir answers the question. He says in his tafsir “`Wage war’ mentioned here means, oppose and contradict, and it includes disbelief, blocking roads and spreading fear in the fairways. Mischief in the land refers to various types of evil.” So simply disbelieving in Allah and his messenger is to wage war, for which Muslims are allowed to attack to ‘defend’ Islam. I disbelieve in Allah and his messenger, so according to Ibn Kathir, any Muslim has a right to attack me for ‘waging war’ and fight me until I testify there is no god but Allah, as Muhammad commanded.

      Second, you suggested Muhammad never condoned murder. Wrong. According to Sirat Rasul Allah by Ibn Ishaq, we find Muhammad did the following:

      – A young woman named Fartana and her friend composed and sang a song that was a satire of Muhammad. For that, he ordered their murder. (Ibn Ishaq, p 551)

      – Asma Bint Marwan was brutally murdered with Muhammad’s full knowledge, again for writing poetry which mocked him. Before the men dispatched by Muhammad did the deed, they first removed a suckling infant from the breast of Asma. Another hadith says that when Muhammad was told the following morning of Asma’s demise, he said “Two goats will not butt their heads together over her death.” (Ibn Ishaq, p. 676)

      – Muhammad gave thanks to Allah when the head of one Abu Jahl was delivered to him. Abu Jahl’s crime was making a mockery of Ibn Mas’ud, one of Muhammad’s followers. (Ibn Ishaq, p. 304)

      – Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf composed poetry of an insulting nature against Muslim women. For this deed, Muhammad solicited from among his men volunteers to kill Ka’b. They lured Ka’b into the night for a friendly discussion, and at a suitable place killed him. (Ibn Ishaq, p. 368) Ibn Warraq adds that Ka’b’s head was delivered to Muhammad who praised their good works in the cause of God.

      – Muhammad personally approved the murder of Sallam ibn Abu’l-Huqayq whom it was said had enmity toward Muhammad. (Ibn Ishaq, p. 482)

      – Muhammad viewed Abdullah bin Sa’d as an apostate after initially embracing Islam but later abandoning it. Muhammad wanted Sa’d murdered, but did not want to take responsibility for his murder, hoping that one of his helpers would volunteer for the deed. (Ibn Ishaq, p. 550)

      So your statement about Muhammad being against murder except in defense is simply historically inaccurate.

      Third, the Qur’an contains the phrase “enjoining good and forbidding evil” (al amr bi al ma’ruf wa’l nahy an al-munkar). This command is repeated in the Qur’an several times. The ‘forbidding evil’ part is commonly carried out by the death of the individual doing the evil. But what is evil? Many things: apostasy, resisting or rejecting dawah, adultery, mocking Muhammad, and many others. As the recent incidents in Europe has shown, simply mocking Muhammad can bring a death sentence (murder!!) to the one accused. There is no physical attack involved here against which Muslims are defending themselves. I recently asked a Muslim man in Pakistan, for example, why those who abandon Islam are put to death (murdered) commonly, and his response was that there are certain laws, the breaking of which must be punished. In other words, anyone abandoning Islam must be murdered as his punishment, ordained by Allah and Muhammad.

      Yes, I agree that we must teach an accurate version of Islam, if it is to be taught to our children in school.

    • Are you out of your mind: Here’s but a wee taste of the Qur’an:
      “8:39 Wage war on non-muslims and kill them until they submit and the only religion is Islam.”
      “47:4 Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers, strike off their heads …”
      “9.5 Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush …”
      There are 150 violent verses in the Qur’an, many of which command Muslims to kill the Infidel, Unbelievers, and the Kafir.

    • Mohammed, (pork be upon him) forced conversions at the tip of a sword, and Mohammed (pork be upon him) was a murderer – this is historic fact, and NOT against those who were attacking him, but the peaceable tribe of Jews in Medina: the Qurayza, whom he betrayed and beheaded. All over the world, Islam is the aggressor and Islam (pork feet be upon it) teaches that muslims are higher and more worthy than unbelievers (infidels) and must be in submission to muslims or die. Non-submission by Christians and Jews is considered oppression. WE WILL NEVER SUBMIT!

  5. Sensible people must be careful when they hear the news. Are you be told the truth or the whole story. Don’t assume anything, check it out. The fact that the comment saying that Islam is scary demonstrates this.

  6. Aziz, carey obviously did the research, and ‘checked it out’. Do you have anything to say directly to her/his comment? Well said carey!!

  7. It’s truly a nice and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you simply shared this helpful
    information with us. Please keep us up to date like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. You want to teach ISLAM? Teach this: Actually, they (ISIS) are following the EXACT SAME medieval principles of Islam as were carried on by the prophet Muhammad in the 7th century. Here’s a brief history for the ill-informed: For 13 years, Muhammad did in fact preach religion and peaceful verses while in Mecca (the Meccan Koran), but could only get 100-150 Arabs to convert. As a result, Islam was a complete failure. Driven out of Mecca, Muhammad fled to Medina, but was rejected by the Jews. Infuriated, he became a warrior and politician and the nature of Islam changed from that of a peaceful doctrine to a violent and radical doctrine (jihadist) out of which Sharia law was born. Islam immediately became a massive success—with promises of wealth and riches, the spoils of war (‘booty’), concubines (sex slaves) and paradise with 72 virgins if converts were to die in battle. Over 10,000 Arabs joined each year until Muhammad’s death 10 years later in 632 A.D. During that time, he waged battle after battle, annihilating every Jew from Saudi Arabia, even beheading 800 male Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe one historical day with his 12-year old child bride, Ayesha, beside him. The women and children were all sold into slavery. Muhammad later returned to Mecca as its conqueror and slaughtered all his enemies and those who had rejected him as the prophet of Allah and destroyed hundreds of idols. Hence, we see the horrific and violent verses in the Medinan Koran (which is effectively commingled with the Meccan Koran), the Sira, and the Hadith. 65% of the Medinan Koran is devoted to the Kafir—(you and I) and how to deal with us, and 16% of the Koran is devoted to Jihad. Hardly a religion of “peace”—it is an evil ideological and political doctrine wherein the earlier peaceful verses are abrogated (cancelled out) by the later violent verses. Heard of “Taqiyya”? It’s a ‘secret deception’ to fool all Kafirs (unbelievers) of the heinous and ugly truths of Islam in order to advance the cause of Islam. ISIS is pure, raw Islam and they tell us time and again, “This is what our Muhammad did”, and we need to listen. WATCH Dr. Bill Warner’s videos explaining Islam through the facts contained in the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith:

    • Better yet, read the Quran, hadith, and sira for yourself. Don’t rely on what Bill Warner, I, or anyone else tells you about Islam. Learn it for yourself; you will never see it again as a religion of peace.

  9. Stop Islamic infiltration and Islamic community centers they are indoctrination centers our church has the American flag flying there are murals of men praying before going of to war Islamic community centers are fenced in anti American centers with what’s going on in this country spraying pig blood in newly aquired Saudi and Qatar funded mosque sites may be the only way of saving this country I don’t care what the dumb bell liberals say anymore when an ex marine gets called a Christian white extremist because he doesn’t want his daughter taught about a pedophile we already are at war and losing we can’t fall line Europe

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