Marine Dad banned from school files lawsuit for Islamic indoctrination

Original article at Charisma News. By Catherine Mcmillan

john_wood-with-daughterThe Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) today announced its representation of John Kevin Wood, and his wife, Melissa, in their battle with La Plata High School in Maryland over the Islamic indoctrination of their 11th-grade daughter in her World History class. Their daughter was required to complete assignments where she had to affirm that “There is no god but Allah” and the other Five Pillars of Islam.

The case gained national attention when the school banned John Wood from entering school property after he objected to the religion of Islam being taught in his daughter’s history class and demanded that she be given an alternative assignment. The school refused.

Wood, a former Marine who served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and lost friends in that action, saw firsthand the destruction caused in the name of Allah and that Islam is not “a religion of peace;” and he would not budge from his position.

The Thomas More Law Center is a national public-interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. TMLC Senior Trial Counsel, Erin Mersino, and Maryland attorney, Michael F. Smith of The Smith Appellate Law Firm, represent the Wood family. Yesterday they filed a request for records relating to the case under Maryland’s Public Information Act.

On Oct. 22, 2014, John Wood discovered that his daughter was being forced to repeat religious tenets of Islam as a part of her World History class assignment. She was required to write how the prophet Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel and preached that there is only one true god, who is Allah. The assignment made her write that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah and that the Quran is holy text.

The assignment required her to affirm that “Allah is the same god that is worshipped in Christianity and Judaism” and that the “Quran is the word of Allah revealed to Mohammad in the same way that Jews and Christians believe the Torah and the Gospels were revealed to Moses and the New Testament writers.” The assignment also forced young women such as the Woods’ daughter, to fill in the following sentences: “Men are the managers of the affairs of women” and “Righteous women are therefore obedient.”

When John Wood discovered the Islamic propaganda and indoctrination, he was rightfully outraged, and that evening unsuccessfully tried to
contact the school by phone to voice his objections. Wood witnessed firsthand the destruction caused in the name of Allah and knows Islam is
not “a religion of peace.” He served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and lost friends in that action. On 9-11, Wood responded as a
firefighter to the smoldering Pentagon. He refused to allow La Plata High School to subject his daughter to Islamic indoctrination despite the threatened academic consequences.

The next day, Oct. 23, Wood had a phone conversation with a La Plata vice principal where he again reiterated his objections to his daughter being indoctrinated into the religion of Islam. The vice principal indicated that his daughter, a high school junior with college hopes, would receive zeros on her assignments on Islam if she did not complete them. He asked how the religion of Islam could be taught when schools are prohibited from teaching the religion of Christianity.

The following day, Oct. 24, John Wood again spoke with the vice principal. She again refused to allow an alternative assignment.

Commenting on the case, Richard Thompson, TMLC’s President and Chief Counsel stated: “Adding insult to injury, in an arrogant and unnecessary display of power, La Plata’s principal issued a written “No Trespass” notice, which denied this former Marine who stood in harm’s way defending our country—which included the principal and her staff—any access to school grounds. The school’s actions not only dishonored John Wood’s service, but the service of all men and women in our Armed Forces who defended our nation from Islamic violence. True to his Marine training, John Wood stood his ground. He did not retreat. Yes, his daughter has received a failing grade in her World History Class. But the story is not yet over.”

NC School misrepresents Islam, caught red handed by mom

A teacher at Porter Ridge High School in Indian Trail, NC came under fire this week after a mother reviewed her son’s homework assignment. Like many schools around the nation, this one was studying Islam as part of the state approved curriculum, although none of the sources covering this story identified the publisher and title of the text being used. Nevertheless, the worksheet given to students has several troubling statements. Screen-Shot-2014-11-13-at-11.47.09-AMA copy of the student-completed handout can be viewed here. Also note, the school has not confirmed if the answers written by this student are the correct answers based on class content, but there is little reason to believe otherwise.

1. The handout suggests “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world”. On the face of it, this is correct. But what is left unsaid is more informative and important. It is very troubling this statement is made without qualifiers. Islam is fastest growing only in terms of reproduction among Muslim families. Muslim women are having more babies than non-Muslim women, and all children are deemed to be Muslim per sharia. Unlike Christianity, where a child is not a Christian until he or she makes that choice personally, all children in Islamic households do not get a choice; they are already assumed to be Muslim. But in terms of conversion rates, Islam certainly is NOT the fastest growing religion in the world. The statement is loaded and may be intended to suggest that since Islam is the fastest growing religion, there must be an intellectual reason – Islam must be intellectually appealing for others to be drawn to it in record numbers. Such is NOT the case.

2. “Experts predict it will be the largest religion in the world some day.” Again, very misleading and suggestive that Islam has an intellectual appeal drawing record numbers into its fold. Such is not the case. And who exactly are the ‘experts’ being cited? What is the source of the criteria used? How was the research conducted? These questions may have been introduced in the classroom, but we have legitimate reasons to ask these tough questions, especially when it concerns intellectual honesty and integrity.

3. “Islam is, at heart, a peaceful religion.” This is patently false. There are two reasons why this statement would be made. Either the one making the claim has not studied Islam for herself, or she is deliberately attempting to portray Islam in a positive manner for other purposes to cover its true doctrine and make it palatable to Western sensitivities. Although there are peaceful Muslims, there is no peaceful Islam. The Quran is replete with scripture commanding Muslims to slaughter, mutilate, and behead all non-Muslims without limitations on time, place, or circumstance. Muhammad, whom Muslims believe to be the perfect example of righteous conduct (Quran 33:21) commanded the slaughter of those who mocked him, wrote poetry criticizing him, or opposed his claim to be God’s final prophet. These are all documented in the earliest and most authoritative biography of Muhammad’s life, written by Ibn Ishaq a mere 130 years after Muhammad’s death. I have highlighted some of these incidents in this article. Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Muhammad is the standard text all scholars of Islam use when studying his life, and it paints a picture of the man starkly different than the statement on the student worksheet. Statements that Islam is peaceful fly in the face of historical reality of 1,400 years of Islamic aggression and do not align at all with the example Muhammad set for his followers.

4. “Most Muslims [sic] faith is stronger than the average Christian.” This seems to be opinion offered as fact, a common tactic found when teaching Islam around the nation. On what research is this opinion based? Again, such a statement seems to have one purpose in mind: to elevate Islam as superior to any other religion. This is indoctrination, not education.

5. “Radical Islamic fundamentalists are opposed to Western Civilization’s way of life and imperialistic pursuits.” Again, a fundamentally incorrect view of the historical reality. Radical Islamic fundamentalism began just a few short years after the death of Muhammad, and centuries before any Western power began imperialistic pursuits. In fact, scholar Efraim Karsh has documented such Islamic imperialism in his book, aptly titled “Islamic Imperialism: A History.” Another excellent resource, researched with abundant citations, is Andrew Bostom’s “The Legacy of Jihad.”  Western society, foreign policy, and other arguments are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide 1,400 years of Islamic aggression sanctioned by Islam’s holy text and Muhammad’s commands.

6. “These fundamentalists represent a small percentage of the population of Islam …” Two comments here. 1) Estimates put the number of so-called extremist fundamentalists at around twenty percent. Although one might call this a small percentage, twenty percent of 1.8 billion still represents 360 million, larger than the population of the United States. Is this really a small number and of no concern? 2) Although the news media prefer to focus on the actions of extremist groups like Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, or the Islamic State, much of the persecution and terrorism against non-Muslims is at the hands of normal, every day, ordinary Muslims, not these extremist groups. The twenty percent number thus is an under estimate of the number of Muslims involved in what would be considered terrorism against non-Muslims. Consider, for example, the Arab Spring riots in Egypt not long ago. Churches were burned, Christians driven from their homes, their businesses looted and burned, not at the hands of extremists, but regular Muslims. The same can be said of countless other similar events across the globe.

7. “No where [sic] in the Qur’an does it say you will go to paradise if you martyr yourself with a suicide bomb.” On the face of it, this is a correct statement but misleading. The Qur’an never uses the word ‘bomb’ anywhere. But both the Qur’an and the hadith (traditions attributed to Muhammad) speak extensively of those who sacrifice their lives as martyrs in the service of Islam. Sahih Bukhari, the second most authoritative set of texts for Sunni Muslims after the Qur’an, dedicates an entire 50 or so page section on jihad. The blessings of martyrdom are given ample attention. Further, the Qur’an speaks directly to this topic in Sura 3:169-170, which says, “Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allâh as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision. They rejoice in what Allâh has bestowed upon them of His Bounty, rejoicing for the sake of those who have not yet joined them, but are left behind (not yet martyred) that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve.”

8. “To win (the war on terror) we need to raise the standard of living in areas of squalor and educate so as to avoid political brainwashing.” The war on terror, and terrorism itself, has absolutely nothing to do with uneducated Muslims living poverty. This is one point drive home time and again by liberals and leftists who think poverty is the driving force behind Islamic militant movements. But consider these simple facts that will put to rest this notion. 1) Osama bin Laden, perhaps the best known terrorist, was both well educated and a multi-millionaire. 2) A significant percentage of young Muslim men joining ranks with militant Islamic movements come from wealthy households and are college graduates, some with advanced degrees. 3) If poverty drives extremism, why do we not see people living in poverty in other cultures forming militant groups and forcing their brand of religion upon the rest of the world?

The version of Islam being presented in our schools today is nothing short of brain washing and indoctrination. It has been this way for several years, but finally others are beginning to take notice. Parents must be vigilant to know what their child is being taught, and speak out when errors like these are noticed. We the people have the power to make a difference. To see how one group of common citizens is taking on this issue in Texas, visit the website of TruthInTexasTextbooks.


The Mosqueing of Public Schools in America

By Pamela Geller

I have been fielding calls from distraught parents all week, reeling from the proselytizing for Islam in their children’s “social studies” or “world history” classes. They are not teaching the children “world history,” which would include Islam’s 1,400-year history of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements, not to mention the extermination of the entire Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe of Arabia.

Instead, children are forced to recite the Shahada. (It’s an Islamic creed one says to convert to Islam.) Instead, they are forced to learn the five pillars of Islam.

This is an outrage, but expected and exactly what I warned of in my book, “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” in the chapter, “The Mosqueing of the Public Schools.”

One mother with whom I spoke told me that her 12-year-old son came home from school “depressed” and “sick.” Coming from a “good Christian home,” he was confused and “hurt” that he had to write and say the Muslim declaration of faith (the Shahada), and write it repeatedly. The mother was beside herself. Continue reading