Video: Muslim woman indoctrinates youngsters

This video was taken in the week after September 11, 2001 and is filmed apparently in a public school, and probably a first grade classroom, judging by the children. This woman attempts to equate wearing the hijab to Catholic nuns in their habits, and makes several other attempts at moral equivalency: We’re all the same; we just dress differently. Nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Video: Muslim woman indoctrinates youngsters

  1. She is correct in her video Educate yourself and gain knowledge. Islam is truth. Trust me. Once you learn with an open heart, you too will be a Muslim. InshaAllah.

    • Where is the separation of church and state? It’s OK if it’s islam then? Why aren’t the local atheist groups protesting?

  2. The very word “Islam” means submission. The system in which Islam is governed is called Sharia-Law, which considers homosexuality to be a capital offense, punishable by death and property rights for women non-existant. In just reviewing these four truths I ask everyone. What is there to love about Islam??

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