Recommended Curriculum

For parents who want to teach an accurate history regarding Islam rather than the sanitized version given in public schools, here is an outline for a recommended curriculum. All the information you need regarding these subjects can be found easily via the internet, bookstores, your local library, and I can provide recommendations for you if needed.

This outline came by way of Steve, who posted it on the Creeping Sharia blog. Thanks Steve.

For those who are inclined to take my suggestion, here is the course outline I developed for my own study purposes. There are 20 lessons in the course.

1. The Pre-Islamic World of Arabia: “Jahiliyya”
2. Muhammad: His life, Deeds and Character
3. The Four “Rightly Guided” Caliphs: Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali
4. The Sects of Islam and Schools of Jurisprudence
5. The Five Pillars of Islam and Other Beliefs
6. The Quran: Islam’s Holy Book
7. The Lunar calendar
8. festival Days and Observances
9. The Hadiths, the Sira of Muhammad, and Shariah Law
10. Treatment of Women: Polygamy, the Veil, “Honour Killing”, Wife Beating, and Female Genital Mutilation
11. Jews and Christians: “People of the Book”
12. The “Golden Age” of Islam: Myth or Reality?
13. Dhimmitude: The “Protected” Unbelievers
14. Slavery in Islam: The Hidden and Untold Story of the Slave Trade
15. The Crusades: Christian and Islamic Civilizations Clash
16. Jihad: The “Greater” and the “Lesser”
17. The Quran: Islamic History and Science Versus Authentic History and Modern Science
18. Glossary of Terms
19. Resource Material: Books and DVDs
20. Classroom Assignment

I feel this outline would be great in a college classroom setting, but it can be adjusted to fit any grade level. Use it and learn; there is no copyright on this outline.

2 thoughts on “Recommended Curriculum

  1. Hi. I live in Canada (Toronto) We currently have Muslim students being allowed to pray on Fridays during regular class instruction time. Aside from this they also separate the girls from the boys and any girl on her period is forced to go right to the back of the cafeteria were these prayers are allowed to take place. No other religion is allowed such special privileges, yet. However we are trying to see if we can get a Christian prayer room set up for children to go pray at anytime hey feel a need. We have held demonstrations in front of the school board but have not been successful in stopping them. Our next step is to try and get some parents that are against this to run as councilors,but that is a long process. Any ideas?

    • Hi Mark,
      I know an attorney who has some ideas that might be helpful, as she has been battling this issue here in the states. Let me see if she will post here.

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