Islam in Virginia’s Public Schools, part 1

It seems  that Virginia Board of Education has hijacked the Virginia Standards of Learning as a tool to indoctrinate our children in Islam to the near exclusion of Christianity and all other religions.

The pro-Islamic discrimination in our public school texts favors Islam in secular schools, revises history and obscures Sharia law including treatment of non-Muslims. Students are not exposed to fundamental Islam’s goal of imposing Sharia law on all peoples and suppressing all other religions.

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One thought on “Islam in Virginia’s Public Schools, part 1

  1. So much for even liberals Separation of Church and State! They just don’t want Christianity because it bring liberty and they want totalitarianism. The Democrats couldn’t keep the blacks into slavery so now they are trying for the whole USA! They use our schools to brainwash our children just like Hitler brainwashed their children and then used them against their parents. Too bad liberals are so blind!!!

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