For far too long now, educators have gotten away with presenting a sanitized version of Islam in our public schools. Some times this is done intentionally by instructors who toe the politically correct line so prevalent these days and wish to say nothing that might in some way “offend” someone else, even if it is the truth. At other times, educators have no choice in the matter, as they are required to teach from accepted and approved curriculum.

Additionally, textbook publishers portray a very rosy version of Islam in mainstream publications, while at the same time denigrating other world religions to cast them in a much less favorable light compared to the view Islam receives.

This website was started by one man who has studied Islam at the graduate level while pursuing a Master’s degree, and who has been teaching Islam at the college level for the past five years. Other contributors to the site will include concerned parents, students, those who have been fighting their individual battles at the local school district levelwith inaccurate portrayals of Islam. It is our goal to expose this issue, raise awareness, compile resources, document errant textbooks, identify schools and educators engaged in this unwelcome activity, and form strategies to ensure our children and future students are provided only the truth in classrooms.

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  1. Learning the truth about Islam:
    I was previously aware of the Shia’ religious rituals of blood-letting and had a very vague understanding of the sectarian differences within the Muslim faith but didn’t pay much more attention to Islam until the attacks of 9/11 happened. What was planned to be my own personal journey to find out the truth about Islam resulted in an easy-to read treatise that is posted free on the Internet at http://www.Starman3000.com

    As a result, a thorough reading from three versions of the Qur’an: Yusuf Ali; Pickthal; Shakir, along with studying the Ahadith: Sahih Bukhari; Sahih Muslim; Malik’s Muwatta; Sunan Abu Dawud, clearly explains why Islam does not teach the same God/Creator as mentioned within the Old and New Testament accounts. In the same regard, Islam also teaches a different account of Jesus whom they call “Isa”. Therein is the difference of why Islam’s method of establishing Peace on earth and Good Will toward mankind will continue to be at odds with the One who came to show that peace and paradise is not found under the shades of the sword as claimed by Muhammad (Bukhari: Vol 4, Book 52, No. 210) but within an individual’s heart that seeks and finds peace through love for God and love for all mankind – even those whom one considers an enemy. (Matthew 5:44) (Matthew 22:37-40)

    The message for mankind is that Peace will not be found through the sword; it can only be found when all mankind learns to put away the sword. (Matthew 26:52)

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