Medieval to Early Modern Times

This is the first of several articles that will seek to expose the treatment given to the subject of Islam in our public schools.

Medieval to Early Modern Times is a middle school world history textbook published by Holt, Rinehart, Winston publishers. It is one of a handful of textbooks used throughout the U.S. and adopted by local school boards.

The subject of Islam is contained within Unit 2 of the textbook: The Islamic World. Unit 2 consists of two chapters – Chapter 3: The Rise of Islam, and Chapter 4: The Spread of Islam.

The introductory information on Arab geography and life is accurate and not particularly noteworthy. However, beginning on page 59 with the section “Origins of Islam” we find the textbook making some rather troubling claims. Continue reading

Mt. San Antonio College

It is time to start naming names. I don’t like to do this, but schools and instructors found teaching revisionist history need to be exposed. Our schools are institutions where our children deserve to be taught facts, not fiction masquerading as truth. Instructors are not paid to teach myth.

For the background to this post, see my earlier post “Columbus, Islam, and Revisionist History.

On September 7, 2010 I sent the following letter to the president of Mt. San Antonio College. Subsequently I also sent an electronic copy of the letter along with copies of all supporting documents to every trustee of the college. To this day I have not received a response from either the president or any of the trustees.

September 7, 2010

Dr. John S. Nixon, President/CEO
Mt. San Antonio College
1100 N. Grand Ave.
Walnut, CA 91789

Dear Dr. Nixon,

I write this letter as a concerned citizen. I believe the objective of every institute of higher education should be to provide instruction based on fact and truth. Continue reading

Columbus, Islam, and Revisionist History

This is not going to be pleasant, but the truth needs to be told.

I learned recently that a student at a local junior college was told by a history professor that Muslims were in North America long before Columbus arrived here. Where in the world did this professor get this impression? What evidence is there to substantiate such a wild claim? Is her statement backed by other historians?

A group identified as The Middle East Policy Council (MEPC), with the assistance of Arab World and Islamic Resources (AWAIR), published a manual in 1998, and revised it in 2002. The manual, called the Arab World Studies Notebook, and which I have a copy of, is a 540 page manual in a 3-ring binder geared specifically toward educators. It contains background material written by a number of authors, lesson plans for instructors, classroom activities, and lists of additional resources for each topic covered.

The MEPC hosted “educational seminars” on Islam throughout the U.S. to help school instructors better understand Islam and prepare them to teach this subject in classrooms. Teachers were given free or reduced-price copies of the workbook. The MEPC even pitched the workbook directly to school boards in an attempt to have it adopted into the local curriculum of various school districts. According to various sources, over 20,000 copies of the workbook found their way into the hands of educators. Continue reading


For far too long now, educators have gotten away with presenting a sanitized version of Islam in our public schools. Some times this is done intentionally by instructors who toe the politically correct line so prevalent these days and wish to say nothing that might in some way “offend” someone else, even if it is the truth. At other times, educators have no choice in the matter, as they are required to teach from accepted and approved curriculum.

Additionally, textbook publishers portray a very rosy version of Islam in mainstream publications, while at the same time denigrating other world religions to cast them in a much less favorable light compared to the view Islam receives.

This website was started by one man who has studied Islam at the graduate level while pursuing a Master’s degree, and who has been teaching Islam at the college level for the past five years. Other contributors to the site will include concerned parents, students, those who have been fighting their individual battlesĀ at the local school district levelwith inaccurate portrayals of Islam. It is our goal to expose this issue, raise awareness, compile resources, document errant textbooks, identify schools and educators engaged in this unwelcome activity, and form strategies to ensure our children and future students are provided only the truth in classrooms.